Marjorie Allardyce ?-2017


Marjorie Allardyce passed away on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.  

For dart players all over Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world it would be an understatement to say that her passing is a tragedy.  We all want our sport to grow and Marjorie was as successful in that as anyone I know.  I had the good fortune of playing as one of her youths and, quite honestly, had it not been for her this site would not exist.  My passion for darts would not exist.

I remember one year when, as a youth, Provincials was held in Strathford Ontario in an arena.  My family wasn’t exactly well off and I really didn’t have any spending money of any sort while there.  I did, however, have a cheque that my grand parents had given me for my birthday.  Marjorie had me endorse my cheque and, even though it was for $10, she gave me $20.  I wasted it as well as any kid would and bought a six suited deck of cards and that memory has been with me since.  I know there are countless stories like this because I’ve heard some.  She really was amazing.

She taught kids to love a sport and respect each other.  She taught them that while we’re competitors at the oche we’re friends beyond it.  Just watch them; the kids compete fiercely and then, win or lose, genuinely congratulate each other.  

Bradley and Tom have lost their mother and Paul has lost his wife.  I am so very sorry for that loss.  She will be missed by so many but she will never be forgotten.  The thing is, as long as there are people playing darts her legacy will live on.

P.S.: The obituary didn’t show a date of birth but in speaking with her son Tom it was revealed that Marjorie was rumored to be 29 years of age.

Here is Marjorie’s obituary: