Monday Night Summer Darts – July 3rd, 2017 Recap


Sadly there aren’t enough days in the summer and, as a result, the Monday Night Summer Darts schedule only featured one open doubles night.  Last night was that night and it was another tremendous turnout; 14 teams (28 players) showed up.  The Finish Challenge was drawn at 121-130 and was claimed by me with a 130 out.

Congratulations to the team of James Box and I for winning the nightly tournament and to our opponents Keith Way/David Young for reaching the final.  Box and I reached the final by eliminating Crystal Sturgeon/Cory Green in the quarters before taking out Jake Morrison/Jim Barber in the semis.  Also of note: James and I managed a 12 dart leg versus Todd McIntee and Geoff Dewar in which 161 was finished with Todd and Geoff sitting on 80, this leg could have gone either way.  Keith and Dave’s path included defeats of Mike Smith/Phill Jose (top 8), and Ron LaRose/Rory McDonald in their semi-final.  Here’s the complete recap:

Top 8:
(A1) Keith Way/David Young def. (B4) Phillip Jose/Mike Smith
(B2) Ron LaRose/Rory McDonald def. (A3) Dave Hill/Scott Cameron
(A2) Jake Morrison/Jim Barber def. (B3) Todd McIntee/Geoff Dewar
(B1) James Box/Richard Cuerrier def. (B4) Crystal Sturgeon/Cory Green

(A1) Keith Way/David Young def. (B2) Ron LaRose/Rory McDonald
(B1) James Box/Richard Cuerrier def. (A2) Jake Morrison/Jim Barber

(B1) James Box/Richard Cuerrier def. (A1) Keith Way/David Young

Finish Challenge: 121-130 – Richard Cuerrier (130)
180s: Rory McDonald x 3, James Box x 2, Dave Young x 1, Cory Green x 1, Jake Morrison x 1
170+: James Box 177 x 1, Todd McIntee 177 x 1
H.F.: Richard Cuerrier – 161, James Box – 135

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