Monday Night Summer Darts – July 17, 2017 Recap


Our final singles tournament of the summer drew 25 players out and was yet another great evening of darts!  The Finish Challenge (drawn by Serena) was 141-150 and went unclaimed which means it will carry over to next week’s mixed doubles tournament!

Congratulations to Roger Hart who shot his very first 180 in competition last night!  Roger accomplished the feat in a match against Jeremy Adams.  Well done!!

Kudos to Dave Young for having won his second consecutive singles tournament and for having done so against me for the second consecutive week.  Dave got to the final with wins over Rory McDonald in the last 16, Samantha Loft in the quarter-final, and James Box in the semi-final.  My journey to the final included defeats of Chuck Bruyea (last 16,) Jason Hennigar (quarters,) and Jeremy Adams in the semi-final.  Thank you to all the players that support our league!!

Complete recap:

Top 16:
(A1) James Box def. (D4) Shane Sedore
(B3) Cory Green def. (C2) Marilyn Loft
(D2) Dave Young def. (A3) Rory McDonald
(B4) Samantha Loft def. (C1) Phillip Jose
(B1) Richard Cuerrier def. (C4) Chuck Bruyea
(A2) Jason Hennigar def. (D3) Bryan Dewar
(B2) Jeremy Adams def. (C3) Todd McIntee
(D1) Mike Smith def. (A4) Jim Barber

Top 8:
(A1) James Box def. (B3) Cory Green
(D2) Dave Young def. (B4) Samantha Loft
(B1) Richard Cuerrier def. (A2) Jason Hennigar
(B2) Jeremy Adams def. (D1) Mike Smith

(D2) Dave Young def. (A1) James Box
(B1) Richard Cuerrier def. (B2) Jeremy Adams

(D2) Dave Young def. (B1) Richard Cuerrier

Finish Challenge: 141-150 – CARRY OVER
180s: James Box x 3, Rory McDonald x 2, Richard Cuerrier x 2, Samantha Loft x 1, Roger Hart x 1
High Finish: Richard Cuerrier – 135, Dave Young – 114, Andrew Thomson – 114, Jeremy Adams – 110, Mike Smith – 103

Thank you to all our players, I really appreciate the support!

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