Monday Night Summer Darts – July 10th, 2017 Recap


One of our best turnouts ever for a singles tournament!  Thirty three players came out and many of those did so as an opportunity to wish Keith Way all the best before moving away.  He will be missed but I’m sure we’ll see him at the oche in the future!  The Finish Challenge was drawn at 71-80 and was claimed by four players (all with finishes of 80!)  Those players were James Box, Tom Smith, Paul Sauve, and Dave Young!  Also of note a grand total of 20 180s were thrown on the night!

Congratulations to Dave Young for having won the tournament!  Before defeating me in straight legs in the final Dave first had to eliminate Trevor Sanford in the top 16, Todd McIntee in the quarter-final, and Rory McDonald in the semi-final.  My journey to the final included defeats of Travis Birtch in the last 16, James Box in the quarter-final, and Keith Way in the semi-final.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and play!

Complete recap:

Top 16:
(A1) Dave Young def. (D4) Trevor Sanford
(C3) Todd McIntee def. (B2) Mike Smith
(D2) Kevin Sherren def. (A3) Terry Collins
(B4) Rory McDonald def. (C1) Tom Smith
(C4) Paul Sauve def. (B1) Phill Jose
(A2) Keith Way def. (D3) Dale Hill
(C2) James Box def. (B3) Bill Tripp
(A4) Richard Cuerrier def. (D1) Travis Birtch

Top 8:
(A1) Dave Young def. (C3) Todd McIntee
(B4) Rory McDonald def. (D2) Kevin Sherren
(A2) Keith Way def. (C4) Paul Sauve
(A4) Richard Cuerrier def. (C2) James Box

Top 4:
(A1) Dave Young def. (B4) Rory McDonald
(A4) Richard Cuerrier def. (A2) Keith Way

(A1) Dave Young def. (A4) Richard Cuerrier

Finish Challenge: 71-80 – James Box, Tom Smith, Paul Sauve, Dave Young (80)
180s: Todd McIntee x 4, Mike Smith x 3, James Box x 3, Dave Young x 3, Richard Cuerrier x 2, Garner Wood x 2, Keith Way x 1, Sandra Ouellette x 1, Rory McDonald x 1
H.F.: James Box – 156, Keith Way – 148, Harry van Steijn – 132, Richard Cuerrier – 113

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