A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Royal Canadian Legion
Royal Canadian Legion
Royal Canadian Legion

I know, it’s a clichéd phrase, but if you keep reading this article I think you’ll agree.  It’s that place where everyone gets together to enjoy some of life’s great moments; wedding receptions, stag and does, retirement parties, etc.  It’s where we go to remember who we are and those who’ve made sure we can be who we want to be.  It’s that place we go because we know it well and we know who’ll be there.  It’s not like any other hall or venue, it isn’t even close!  We chose this place because we’re bound to it in so many different ways.  Some of us are bound by the camaraderie the place inspires while others are drawn to it by the community driven activities that take place every day, and others still just feel at ease while they’re there!

We play darts there, we play pool, cribbage, euchre, shuffle board and so much more.  We dance there, we celebrate

Friendly bar stewards!
Friendly bar stewards!

with friends and family, and we ring in the new year.  We enjoy live music there and the chatter of friends around the bar.  We help teach our youths about camaraderie, team work, and sacrifice.  Most important of all, we remember those who have served and those who continue to serve and we honour those who’ve fallen.  You can’t get all that from the local pub or banquet hall, you can only get that from your branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.  Now think about the title of the article and I think you’ll agree that there is some truth to that statement.

As dart players we spend a great deal of time in Legion Branches whether we’re playing in tournaments or leagues, at award ceremonies, or at meetings in our capacity as members.  I know that I personally make an average of 3 trips to a Legion Branch per week and I know I’m not alone.  There is no question that we enjoy our Legions, that they are an integral part of our lives.  I’ve yet to meet an individual who isn’t appreciative of their Branch and what it offers them.  I’ve also yet to meet a Branch member who wasn’t willing to go out of their way to help ensure the future of their Branch and the Royal Canadian Legion as a whole.  Like I said, we are bound to the R.C.L. in so many ways.

R.C.L. Branch 631
R.C.L. Branch 631

Next time you’ve got a bit of extra time, why not call your Branch to see if there’s anything you can do to give back.  Why not see if there are card, dart, or pool tournaments you can fit into your schedule to help support your local Legion.  If you’re in a position to do so, why not volunteer some time to help out at your Branch.  You see, our R.C.L. Branches do so much for us, why not give back just a little to help make sure they’re here for a long time to come.

There are only two places I can think of where I can enjoy myself with some of the people I care about without worry and that’s at home and at the Legion!  The great thing about those places?  Everybody knows your name!

Royal Canadian Legion Branches Near Kingston

Branch 631
4034 Bath Road
Branch 560
734 Montreal Street
Branch 623
Branch 542
Branch 458
714A Addington St E
Branch 137
26 Mill St. E
Branch 484
Branch 092
55 King Street E
Branch 496
4361 Amelia St.
Branch 334
5967 Arden Road
Branch 280
340 Main St.
Branch 231
2314 Harlem Road
Branch 491
116 Bay Street
Seeleys Bay


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