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When the idea for an “Equipment Spotlight” came about I had to think of a way to write about either new innovations in darts and reliable products that have withstood the test of time without having it seem self serving.  Keep that in mind when you read about the product below, Kingston Darts . Com does not make any money off this “Equipment Spotlight” and does not make any claims or endorse the product.  This is merely a way of making you aware of the equipment that is available to you as a dart player.

That said, I thought a long time before deciding what the first “Equipment Spotlight” would feature.  The answer was simple, I chose a product that more and more people are using and enjoying even within our local leagues; I chose FitFlight.  Enjoy the June 2012 Equipment Spotlight, our inaugural release, below!

Canadian John Part uses his signature “Darth Maple” FitFlights.

Imagine, you’re in a tough game against a good competitor.  You fire your first dart into the T20, your second is also in the T20 but the flight pops off when it hits first dart, finally you fire your third dart and just when you think you’ve hit the 180 you find that you’re left with 120 and a “Robin Hood”, a destroyed flight, damaged shaft, and a flight on the ground.

I’m sure that if you’ve played darts for any length of time you’ve experienced at least one of the plights above and just accepted it as bad luck, I know I have!  Well, the good news is there is now an alternative shaft/flight product that virtually eliminates these issues.

Engineered in Japan by Cosmo Darts, Fit Flights are taking the dart world by storm and people are noticing.  Last year John “Darth Maple” Part shot a televised 9 dart game against Mark Webster using personalized “Darth Maple” FitFlights.  John is arguably the biggest name in professional darts using them but there are many others including Darin Young, Chris White, and David Fatum.

The success of the FitFlight system can be attributed to a few factors; ease of use, customizability, and durability.  They easy to use in that the flights simply slide over the shaft and lock into place.  They are customizable in that you can select the flight shape and shaft type.  The flights are also more durable than conventional options because of their solid construction.

You can read more about FitFlight Products here: Cosmo Darts . Com


Please note that the products featured in the Equipment Spotlight are not sold by or endorsed by Kingston Darts . Com and that any questions or comments pertaining to those products should be directed to the person/persons/business selling the item in question.  The Equipment Spotlight is a means to provide information about the latest in dart technologies to the members and readers of Kingston Darts . Com  Also, please note that Kingston Darts . Com receives NO payment of any kind for posting information about the products in the Equipment Spotlight.

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